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The Ulug`nor district of Andijan region has completed the planned work.

The cotton growers of the Ulugnor district of Andijan region have handed cotton to 9,14 hectares of land and delivered over 17,814 tons of cotton to the state.

“The harvest was organized in a cohesive manner,” said Nominjon Qirg’izov, Deputy Mayor on Agriculture. – More than 9,000 citizens, including activists, housewives, unmarried people, and hasharchs from 25 local mahallas gathered in the district to take part in the assembly.

For cotton pickers, the money was spent daily in 3-5 days, 50% of the time before the plan reached 50%. Also, local authorities and farmers have been provided with hot meals and all the necessary conditions for the farmers.

New system introduced in the amount and distribution of salaries, material and spiritual stimulus for the bill, and regular cultural and educational events have increased the speed of the term. Many pickers have picked up 5-6 tons of cotton during the season and made a worthy contribution to the overall harvest of our district. Particularly, such prominent figures as Dildora Hasanova, Navbahor Ahmedova, Nigora Umrzakova, members of the 18th unit Odinakhon Jakbarova, Oyshakhan Mirzakarimova, Nargiza Khaldorova were members of the 36th division.

“Since the beginning of the season, I have harvested more than 5 tons of cotton,” says Dildora Hasanova from Fayzabad, a member of the 36th unit. – Farmers prepared lunch each day, and the money was transferred to the field. So far, I’ve earned more than 5 million soms. I was able to get gifts from the provincial and district khokimiyats as well as advanced craftsmen.

Most of the 343 farms in the district have completed their annual plan. In particular, farms, such as “Magyrurbek fayz joy”, “Sherzodbek mekani”, “Ulugnnor expression”, “Mamajon buva” became examples for all.

Particular attention was paid to financial incentives, meaningful organization of leisure, cultural and educational activities. It gave the farmers a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

District farmers are continuing the harvest so that they can harvest crops in the field without nesting.

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